Friday, February 26, 2010

Free Calls To India - Free PC To Phone Calls To India - Free Voip Calls To India

Now Make Free Unlimited Phone Calls Even Free Calls to countries like India, Pakistan, Usa, Uk, Singapore, UAE, Saudi Arabia, with 50 other destinations.
On purchase of $5 you will get following minutes.

Country Landline Mobile
Bahrain 45 mins. 45 mins.
Bangladesh 100 mins. 100 mins.
India 237 mins. 342 mins.
Nepal 50 mins. 50 mins.
Oman 30 mins. 30 mins.
Pakistan 60 mins. 60 mins.
Qatar 25 mins. 25 mins.
Saudi Arabia 53 mins. 35 mins.
United Arab Emirates 32 mins. 32 mins.
United Kingdom 333 mins. 36 mins.
United States of America 333 mins. 333 mins.

Validity of account will be 45 days from first use.
Rates will be charged per minute.
Rates and calling plans are subject to change.


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